2017 Routes & Events

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First Leg – Blackstone Valley, Easy Walks in Massachusetts
Each day we will highlight walks from the book “Easy Walks in Massachusetts” by Marjorie Turner Hollman. The book offers in depth explanations of the terrain, facilities, etc. In many of these locations we are encouraging a group hike. You can get copies online or locally at Booklovers’ Gourmet. We are excited to partner with the Blackstone Heritage Corridor for this portion of the walk.

June 15 – Memorial Beach – Memorial Beach Dr. Webster, MA 01570
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Webster Cultural Council
Local Performers: The Grey Whisker Pickers, Rachel and Abbi, Haley Trudeau

June 16 – EN Jenckes General Store – 283 Main St. Douglas, MA 01516
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Douglas Cultural Council
Local Performers: BVM Rock Band, Jesse Mosczynski, Julia Psuik, and Madison Mathieu
Day Hike: 8 miles. Webster to Douglas.
“Easy Walks”Group Hike along the SNETT. Off Road Parking at High St and SW Main St Douglas. We will arrive at the SNETT trail head approx 9-9:30 AM and it will take 1-1.5 hrs to reach the crossing at Wallum Lake Road. 2.5 miles.

June 17 – River Bend Farm – 287 Oak St. Uxbridge, MA 01569 
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Uxbridge Cultural Council
Local Performers: Mike Gutierrez-May, David “D-Chord” Perry and vocal students from Blackstone Valley Music School.
Day Hike: 6.6 miles from Douglas to Uxbridge.
“Easy Walks” Group Hike leaving at 4 pm from Blackstone Valley Music School (Parking Available. 6 Mendon St, Uxbridge, MA) to River Bend Farm (Parking available) via the Towpath Trail. 1.6 Miles which can be completed in less than 1 hour. 

June 18 – Kiwanis Beach – Kiwanis Beach Rd. Upton, MA 01568
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Upton Cultural Council
Local Performers: Peter Hart, Mary Hastings and Cameron Sutphin, The Stevens Family Band
Day Hike: 10.2 Miles from Uxbridge to Upton.
“Easy Walks” Group Hike  departing at 8 am from River Bend Farm at  entering Rice city Pond to hike along King Phillips Trail to Lookout Rock in Northbridge. Parking At River Bend Farm or on Hartford Ave. at Rice City Pond (does not involve dangerous road crossing). Parking in lot for Lookout Rock (567 Quaker St. Northbridge, MA). 2 miles which will take 1-1.5 hours to complete. Alternative: Park in Lookout lot and hike approx. 1/4 mile to lookout. We would arrive at Lookout Rock sometime around 9-9:30. 

June 19 – Hopedale Unitarian Parish – 65 Hopedale St. Hopedale, MA 01747 
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Hopedale Cultural Council
Local Performers: Mick Lawless, Matt Madden and Dan and Faith
Day Hike: 5.7 Miles from Upton to Hopedale

June 20 – Milford Senior Center – 60 N Bow St. Milford, MA 01757      
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Milford Cultural Council
Local Performers: Bob Comtois, Ladd & MacLeod and Mudville Madrigal Singers
Day Hike: 5.5 miles Hopedale to Milford ( We will loop back to include a 2.5 mile group hike at Hopedale Parklands before heading out to Milford)
“Easy Walks” Group Hike – Hopedale Parklands. You can join from the Unitarian Parish at 8 am or begin at the Freedom St lot (limited parking) and hike the Blue Trail along Hopedale Pond ending at the Main Entrance at 162 Dutcher st. (parking available along hopedale st). There is a swimming beach here as well.  2.25 miles

June 21 – Medway Public Library – 26 High St. Medway, MA 02053
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Medway Cultural Council
Local Performers: Adam Trudel, Tom Smith, Sheez Late
Day Hike: 8.6 Miles from Milford to Medway
“Easy Walks” Group Hike – Starting at 8 am at Milford Senior Center walking the Upper Charles Trail to Route 109 (Friendly’s Ice Cream). Parking at the Senior Center. 2 miles. Approximately 1 hour. 

June 22 – Bellingham Public Library – 100 Blackstone St. Bellingham, MA 02019
Sponsored by the Bellingham Cultural Council
Local Performers: Average Joel, Ric Allendorf and Colette O’Connor
Day Hike: 8 Miles from Medway to Bellingham
Highlighting North Maple Street Trail (Approx 9:30-10 am) and High Street Complex (Approx noon – 0.5 mile trail to Charles River)

June 23 – Franklin Public Library (Temporary Library Location) – 25 Kenwood Cir. Franklin, MA 02038
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Sponsored by the Franklin Cultural Council
Local Performers: “Rhythm & Flow”Matt Zajac, Jackson Gillman
Day Hike: 7.5 miles from Bellingham to Franklin
“Easy Walk” – Meet at the SNETT crossing (approx 372 Lake St, Bellingham, MA. Arriving 9:30-10am ) and walk the SNETT to Chilson Beach (over shoots the library by 1 mile). 3 miles. approx 2 hours.  Alternative: Chilson Beach (598 Beaver Street, Franklin, MA arriving around 1pm ) – 0.25 mile trail along Eastern Shore of the pond. Parking near the beach.0.25 Miles.

June 24 – Blackstone Boys and Girls Club – 115 Canal St. Blackstone, MA 01504
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Local Performers: Wolf pen, Folkapotamus and MWT Artist Dan Blakeslee!
Day Hike: 8.2 Miles from Franklin to Blackstone
“Easy Walk” – We will be hiking along the SNETT . Join us from Grove st (approx 8:30 am) to Center st. 2.8 miles. approx 2 hours Alternative: (start approx 11 am) from South Main st/Elm Rd to Main St/ Route 122 and road walk over to the Boys and Girls Club. 3 miles. Off street parking is available at most of the road crossings for the SNETT.

Hikes begin at 8:00 am (with the exception of Day 1 which begins at 10:30 am) and end at 2:00 pm. They are moderately strenuous and designed for experienced hikers. While free, space is limited and registration is required (see links below). We are excited to Partner with Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area for these hikes and concerts.

In the event of severe weather (heavy rain or thunderstorm), the day’s walking event will be cancelled. Registrants will be personally notified via email and phone. Notices will be posted online as well.

June 27: **9:30 – 10:30 am** KICK OFF EVENT Walden Pond Visitor’s Center 915 Walden St. ConcordRegister Here (Ticket Holders will be omitted from the parking fee)
Day Hike: Walden Pond to Acton – Register Here
Concert – Thoreau Farm 341 Virginia Rd. Concord, MA 01742
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Local Performers: Wendy Drexler-Poet, Ben Blum, Ric Allendorf 

June 28 – Stow Community Field  60 Old Bolton Rd, Stow, MA 01775
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Day Hike: Acton to Stow – Register Here
Local Performers: Ergo Canto, Andy and Judy, Smith and Ryder 

June 29 – Bolton Town Common 715 Main St, Bolton, MA 01740
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Day Hike: Stow to Bolton – Register Here
Local Performers: Tom Hanlon, Dan and Faith and The Lied To’s


June 30 – Lancaster Town Green 707 Main Street, Lancaster, MA 01523
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Day Hike: Bolton to Sterling – Register Here
Local Performers: Wolfpen, Seven Bridge Writer’s Collaborative Poetry showcase, Henry David Thoreau (Richard Smith)

July 1 – Wachusett Mountain Visitor Center 345 Mountain Rd. 
Princeton, MA  01541
SHOW: 6-8pm | COST: FREE
Day Hike: Sterling to Princeton – Register Here
Local Performers: Joyce Hinckley, David Gibbs, Fox and the Dragon

July 2nd: Final Hike: Princeton to Mount Wachusett – Register Here